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Products from various European instrumentation manufacturers

Evikon MCI-products
Evikon MCI is an instrumentation company based in Estonia in Northern Europe. Specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of sensor-based electronic measurement instruments for industrial and building automation applications.
Elmetron Sp. j-products
Manufacturer of following electronic measuring instruments: pH-meters, ion meter, conductivity meters, salinity meters, oxygen meters for measurements in water and in the air, humidity meters, thermometers and coating thickness gauges.
Dinel s.r.o-products
Dinel, s.r.o. is the leading manufacturer of level and flow measurement systems in the Czech Republic with a stable increase in production volume, strong innovation potential, quality personnel and technological background.
Kimo Instruments-products
KIMO designs and manufactures instruments for measuring and monitoring air parameters, such as: Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Air Velocity, Airflow, Air Quality, Tachometry, Sound Level, Illuminance, and Light.
Rotronic AG-products
Rotronic offers industry leading measurement devices for relative humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, differential pressure and water activity used in all industries where superior measurement accuracy, stability and reliability are essential.
Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd is part of the Halma family, a group of organisations dedicated to providing safety, health and environmental technologies to support organisations across multiple industries.
Comet System s.r.o-products
Leading manufacturer of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide CO2 transmitters, data loggers, monitoring systems, data acquisiton systems, thermometers, hygrometers, barometers.