Relay output module

  • 8 output relays 3A 250 VAC or 24 VDC
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • RS485 interface
  • Modbus RTU protocol

E7125-8R relay module controls eight independent electromagnetic switch over relays relays according to incoming digital data.

Each relay channel can be set by Modbus commands to ON, OFF or PWM mode with configured period. Modbus master command timeout and corresponding relay alarm states may be defined.

The module features RS485 interface, supports industry standard Modbus RTU protocol as Modbus Slave unit and can be used in a variety of automation systems at fieldbus level together with PLCs, HMIs or SCADA systems.

The product complies with the 2004/108/EC and 2014/30/EU Directives on electromagnetic compatibility.

Tehnilised andmed
Number of outputs 8 x SPDT
Output type Electromagnetic switch-over relay 3A 250 VAC / 24 VDC
Digital interface RS485
Baud rate Up to 57600 bit/s
Communication protocols Modbus RTU
Protection class IP20
Dimensions H60 × W70 × L90 mm
Mounting DIN rail
Power supply 24 VDC
Power consumption < 6 VA
Operating conditions -10...+55 °C, < 80%RH (without condensation)
Operating environment Safe indoor areas