Evikontroll μGas

Väiksemate objektide erinevate gaaside monitooring- ja kontrollsüsteem

Evikontroll μGas is a cost efficient and compact solution for monitoring of dangerous gas concentrations and leaks in a facility

The solution allows to connect gas detectors-transmitters, temperature&humidity transmitters, as well as light modules for audible and visible alarms to warn employees.

The device has already integrated relays for control of alarms, ventilation and other systems on a facility. Ventilation can also be controlled using analog outputs. Alarms can be viewed on the controller’s LCD screen. Front panel has 4 buttons for convenient navigation in the product’s settings.

Users are able to control, configure and test relays on request by utilizing the controller’s web server. It also simplifies maintenance, calibration and configuration from a PC, a tablet or a phone while the device is connected to an existing WiFi network or to the controllers own WiFi network.


32 independent gas measurement points
3 independent user configurable alarm levels for each channel [1]
8 integrated user configurable SPDT relays for each alarm [2]
32 independent configurable EK series alarm devices for visible and audible alarms [3]
Integrated web server for maintenance and configuration [4]
Recording of 100 last events
Easy DIN rail mounting


8 Integrated SPDT relays (250 VAC / 30 VDC, 3 A max)
4 Integrated analog outputs (4-20 mA) [5]
4 Integrated digital inputs (dry contact) [6]
2 independent RS-485 interfaces [7]
4 x digital inputs (dry contacts)
1.8” LCD screen

[1]  Users are able to configure 3 independent alarm levels while also choosing which specific logic shall be applied. Logic for alarm levels are as follows: Over limit, Under limit, Range limit.

Additionally to alarm levels there are pre-configured alarms for the following:
-  Short term exposure limit (STEL, 15 minute average),
-  Long term exposure limit (TWA, 8 hours average),
-  over-range, under-range and fault.

[2]  Device is equipped with 8 independent user configurable SPDT relays which can be configured for all user configured alarms. Users are able to extend relay output quantity by connecting up to 3 E7125-8R series to RS-485 bus. E7125-8R series are similarly equipped with 8 independent SPDT relays.

[3]  Users are able to utilize EK series light modules with visual and sound alarm by connecting up to 32 independent devices through RS-485 bus. This allows more flexible design of the system and removes the need for additional relay outputs for visual and sound alarms. All connected EK series light modules can be configured independently for all user configured alarms.

[4]   Evikontroll μGas comes with an integrated web server and a wifi interface which allows convenient configuration and maintenance without having to worry about what cables to take with you during commissioning. Users are able to connect to the device internal WiFi network and handle the configuration in their mobile devices for example.

[5]  Evikontroll μGas 4 analog outputs can be configured to show the overall level of gas concentrations in a group. This means that users are able to configure multiple channels in one analog output and the controller shall indicate the maximum level of various gasses depending on their measurement range. This allows users to see the overall level of different gases in the environment with ease over the 4-20 mA range.

[6]  Evikontroll μGas 4 digital inputs can be utilized either as remote resets or initiate a fault in the system with dry contacts. For example if the controller is powered through a UPS user can connect the UPS under battery signal contacts so that controller could deliberately signal a fault signal with a relay.

[7]  Evikontroll μGas comes with 2 RS-485 digital interfaces. One RS-485 digital interface is for connecting the devices through a daisy chain together so that the controller could communicate with the devices. Another RS-485 digital interface is to connect the controller to an existing automation system which can communicate with the controller to get the current status of the system.

E26xx series
Gas detectors-transmitters

E22xx series
Humidity & temperature transmitters

RS485 repeater

Relay output module

Analog input module

LED warning sign with horn

Sounder beacon

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Väiksemate objektide erinevate gaaside monitooring- ja kontrollsüsteem

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