Evikontroll Silo

Silo temperature monitoring system

Evikontroll Silo is a specially designed solution for a fully automatic temperature monitoring to reduce grain spoilage and loss in large and complex grain storage facilities

The solution allows to connect temperature measurement cables from silos to one system to monitor everything from one place.

Measurement system is based on proven and reliable digital and wireless technologies, which makes installation convenient, as well as simplifies operation and maintenance.

Current and previous temperature readings and changes can be observed remotely by an user at any time on a HMI panel or from a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection.


Convenient and low cost installation (all of the wiring can be done with standard 2 x 2 x 0,5 twisted pair shielded cable)
Up to 15 000 accurate digital temperature sensors per measurement system
Unlimited temperature logging
Web based interface
SMS alarms
Fan control option

Equipment and accessories

temperature measurement cables

μLAN сontroller

air temperature & humidity transmitter

Relay output module

Analog input module

HMI control panel

ET910 temperature measurement cable

Digital sensors
Up to 20 measuring points per cable
High resolution and accuracy
Wide measuring range
For silos up to 30 m height (standard)

Solutions for various industrial applications

Save your measurement data in Cloud to access it from everywhere

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