Evikontroll μGas

μGas monitoring system

Evikontroll μGas is a cost efficient and compact solution for monitoring of dangerous gas concentrations and leaks in a facility

The solution allows to connect gas detectors-transmitters, temperature&humidity transmitters, as well as light modules for audible and visible alarms to warn employees.

The device has already integrated relays for control of alarms, ventilation and other systems on a facility. Ventilation can also be controlled using analog outputs. Alarms can be viewed on the controller’s LCD screen. Front panel has 4 buttons for convenient navigation in the product’s settings.

Users are able to control, configure and test relays on request by utilizing the controller’s web server. It also simplifies maintenance, calibration and configuration from a PC, a tablet or a phone while the device is connected to an existing WiFi network or to the controllers own WiFi network.


Easy mounting on DIN rail
Up to 32 transmitters via RS485
Up to 8 humidity control groups for ventilation control
Up to 8 alarms
Up to 3 external relay modules
Up to 32 light modules
Alarms and events recording
WiFi connectivity


1.8” LCD screen
8 x SPDT relays
4 x (0) 4-20 mA analog outputs
2 x RS-485 ports
4 x digital inputs (dry contacts)
Modbus RTU and HTTP GET / POST protocols

Extensions and accessories

E26xx series
Gas detectors-transmitters

E22xx series
Humidity & temperature transmitters

RS485 repeater

Uninterruptible power supply 24V

Relay output module

Relay output module

E7110- 8A
Analog input module

Analog output module

Analog input module, 4..20mA/0..10V

LED warning sign with horn

Sounder beacon

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