Tööstuslikud tasemeandurid

  • 4-20 mA või 0-10 V analoogväljund
  • Mõõtevahemik 0...6 m
  • Roostevabast terasest korpus (standard)
  • Järjepidevaks mõõtmiseks vedelikes ning kuivainetes
  • Sobilkud ekstreemsetesse oludesse (kõrge temperatuur, plahvatusohtlikud keskkonnad)
The capacitive level meters DLM® are intended for continuous level measurement of liquid and bulk solids in tanks, vessels,sumps or silos, hoppers etc. They are comprised of a housing with electronic module and measuring electrodes. The electronicpart converts the size of the capacity to the current signal (4 ... 20 mA) or voltage signal (0 ... 10 V).Level meters are made inseveral modifications of measuring electrodes (rod and rope). The electrodes can be covered by an insulating coating in caselevel measurement of adhesive, aggressive or electrically conductive media. Rod electrodes are also available in a version withreference (coaxial) tube for level measurement of liquids in tanks made from non-conductive material.

Level meters are produced in the following performances: 
N – for non-explosive areas; 
NT – high temperature for non-explosiveareas; 
Xi – Explosion proof – intrinsically safe for hazardous (explosive) areas;
XiM – Explosion proof – intrinsically safe foruse in mines with methane or flammable dust presence danger (see technical specifications). 

There are high temperature performance NT, XiT, XiMT available. DLM are offered in variants with various types of process connection (metric and pipe thread,pressure thread NPT).